A NEW ME Exhibition

A NEW ME is how I view my life, and I hope it will help you understand the beauty of life in diversity.

The unique exhibition “A NEW ME” displays photos taken and stories told by people with disability, HIV, drug addiction, street vendors, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, ethnic minorities, the poor, immigrant workers, teenagers and youths, who share positive changes in their life brought about with the support of civil society organizations.

The Organizing Committee, on behalf of 15 Vietnamese civil society organizations participating in the program, would like to cordially invite you to join us on this special exhibition!

A NEW ME Exhibition

a visually impaired person

Captured by Huynh Huu Canh – a visually impaired person

She is HIV positive
He is blind
He is a transgender

There have been countless of times when such indicated words and looks pointing toward the direction of Me. Making me distressed and troubled. I have asked myself many times, what kind of thoughts people often have of me? Perhaps, through the eyes of judgment and discrimination, everyone only sees a drug-addict, disabled, poor, crooked Me. These prejudices do not stop me from living strongly and rising above to control my own life.

A New Me is something so ordinary in my life, happiness, sadness, changes and achievements. Difficulties and overcoming difficulties, reflections of people who are just like me, or not like me, but we all want to share and give a hand for a better life.

A New Me is how I view my life, and hope you would understand the beauty of life in diversity.


Free Entrance
Opening: 16:00, 12/09/2013
Exhibition: 08:00 – 22:00, 13 – 22/09/2013
Ly Thai To Park
Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

The exhibition is the outcome of 15 disadvantaged groups in society, after four months of hard work, with the support of various civil society organizations, to bring the public all the dearest, most honest, and thus, most beautiful images of the life of ME, engraved with sincere aspirations, buried thoughts, and even positive changes with the support of social organizations.

The Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment, on behalf of 15 participating organizations, invite you to come and experience A New Me.

In this modern and refreshing open space, different topic groups for images are also different aspects of ME.

1. I Believe
Negative stereotypes towards people with HIV, disabilities or drug addiction still cannot stop ME from rising above to live well and beneficially for my family and society.

2. I Love
I sympathize, share and support in a world so difficult and challenging yet so full of love.

3. I Share
One person for everyone, everyone for one person. I and my community gain self control, together we improve our material and spiritual lives.

4. I Learn
The skill classes offered by various civil society organizations help me gain more knowledge to improve my material and spiritual lives.

5. I am Me
The greatest desire of mankind is to truly live as oneself. Despite facing multiple discriminations, I still live and love. I want to be alive and to be respected as myself.

6. I Thrive
Each day, I try to improve the material life for me and my family. All the changes, even small, are still the first sturdy bricks for my own independent life.

7. I Dare
I am no longer shy to talk about sexual health, or to share houseshold chores. This has helped me gain more knowledge and becomes healthier.

8. I Can
Nothing is impossible. People often think that I am blind and thus, cannot take photographs. But the « impossible » has become « possible » when you take a look at all the photographs that I took, the images that could make you surprised and delighted with new self discovery about what is impossible – possible.

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