About PPWG

The People’s Participation Working Group (PPWG) was established in 1999 under an initiative of the Consultative Group co-chaired by the World Bank (representing development partners including UN agencies and embassies) and the Ministry of Planning and Investment (representing the Government of Vietnam). It is an informal network that acts as a forum for organizations and professionals – such as development partners, government agencies, NGOs, researchers and activists to exchange information and ideas on issues relating to people’s participation through the expansion of civil society space.

PPWG envisions a civil society that is endogenous, diverse and capable in addressing social, economic and environmental problems of Vietnam. It offers solutions to not only the topical and pressing needs of communities, especially the poor, women and the minorities but also the macro and strategic needs of the country. It follows an approach of constructive engagement with the state and the market but remains critical, independent and determined in advocating for justice and equality.  It is a trusted, transparent and resilient force that gains support and respect from the people. It has a caring and civic spirit that connects people and attracts people to support, participate and become part of civil society.

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