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Petition to postpone the enactment of the draft law on associations

The People’s Participation Working Group (PPWG) strongly requests the National Assembly to POSTPONE THE ENACTMENT of the Draft Law on Associations, scheduled to be passed into law during the second

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PPWG made suggestions to the Ministry of Justice on the Access to Information Law

On 15-16/12/2014, the Ministry of Justice has consulted several ministries, agencies and other organizations on a draft of the Access to Information law. This is a part of the plan

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Message from the People Participation Working Group on the right to association and the draft Law on Associations

The People Participation Working Group (PPWG)1, established in 1999, is an open network with participation from hundreds of individuals and civil society organisations in Vietnam. On the occasion of the

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Speech of Vietnamese NGOs at the Institutional Reform Session – VDPF 2014

On December 5, 2014 , the Vietnam Development Partnership Forum 2014 took place in Hanoi . This year’s forum was co-chaired by Mr. Bui Quang Vinh, Minister of Planning and

Statement by Vietnamese Civil Society Organisations Comdemming Chinese Government’s Aggression

Statement by Vietnamese Civil Society Organisations Comdemming Chinese Government’s Aggression

The right to live in peace is a fundamental right of all human beings regardless our membership of any ethnic group, gender, age, or nationality whether a person live in

Opportunities and Challenges for VNGOs in Resources Mobilization

Opportunities and Challenges for VNGOs in Resources Mobilization

“Vietnamese people’s perception of NGO philanthropic activities – Opportunities and barriers for VNGOs to mobilize resources” was the topic of a large-scale research carried out by iSEE and the Sociology

We Change The World

We Change The World

Many students concerned about the opportunity to engage in civil society activities. They thought that, once graduating students wouldn’t have many chances because “out there” people often feel helpless, then

A NEW ME Exhibition

A NEW ME is how I view my life, and I hope it will help you understand the beauty of life in diversity. The unique exhibition “A NEW ME” displays

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National Assembly’s Constitution Amendments Committee receives proposals from vulnerable social groups and CSO

On Mar 29, 2013, representatives on behalf of civil society organizations and seven vulnerable social groups submitted three proposals for the 1992 Constitution Amendments to the Constitution Amendments Committee at

ethnic minorities

1992 Constitution amendments: Results from consultation with seven socially vulnerable groups

“To respect diversity, freedom, and equality, toward citizens’ well-being and the country’s prosperity” is the common aspiration among seven vulnerable groups, as expressed at the conference that took place on